This promises to be a great concert, with a new work by Atlantic Associate Composer, Derek Charke. We’re pasting in information provided by Dr. Gaetan Lang, who commissioned this new work in memory of music educator, Pat Wyman.

I am thrilled beyond words that Cecilia Concerts has agreed to add a concert at the end of their season to welcome back to Halifax the marvelous Cheng² Duo. Please mark your calendars for May 13, 2018!

What makes this event even more special to us in Halifax is that they have heartfully agreed to add to the program a piece written by Acadia University’s Derek Charke that was commissioned by them and at my suggestion, dedicated to Pat Wyman last April. It was part of a Canada 150 project that featured works of five Canadian composers, one from each of the 5 geographical parts of Canada. These works were premiered in Ottawa at the National Gallery of Canada in June 2017. Pat was well informed of this project and very happy about it but unfortunately, she passed away before it was premiered. By the time I had the score in hand and a digital version of it, she was in palliative care. I really wanted to bring that particular piece to Halifax so her friends, colleagues and family could hear it and now my wish is coming true. Bryan and Silvie have agreed to perform a concert in Halifax just before they embark on their world tour to promote a new album. This will we their second CD and one that features music of Spanish composers. I believe the concert might include samples of this and an introduction to their soon-to-be-recorded 3rd album which will be featuring Russian music.

In any case, tickets are already available, so please buy them early. The concert will be held on Sunday May 13, 2018 at 4pm at the Lilian Piercey Concert Hall within the Maritime Conservatory of Performing Arts at 6199 Chebucto Road in Halifax, NS. (It happens to be Mother’s day so it may be a great gift idea for some.)

If you don’t know already know the Cheng² Duo yet, you will find them enchanting and captivating. In addition to being wonderful musicians, you will also find them eloquent and great hosts to the concert. I am certain that you will enjoy every moment of this event which happens to be held just about a year after Pat’s passing (May 2, 2017). She would love that the concert is happening within her beloved Conservatory.

Hope to see many of you in a full house on May 13, 2018.